About Jennifer Walker


I am passionate about empowering women and inspiring family centred care. I have been working in the birth field since 2006. In 2015 I became an international Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer. I am currently the incoming CEO at Spinning Babies® .

I am the co-founder of BiA Doula Training, an NBvD approved birth doula training. I offer trainings and lectures throughout Europe (and abroad) as a doula, Spinning Babies® trainer and birth keeper who is passionate about the possibilities.

I am a certified doula CD(CBI) and have also trained with DONA international as a Birth Doula. I am a member of the Dutch National Doula Association (NBvD). Prior to becoming a doula I was a theatre producer and the director of development for an international theatre association. I have a HBO degree in Foundations of Western Medicine (Medische Basiskennis). I am a life long learner and have attended workshops with international teachers including: Angelina Martinez Miranda, Barbara Harper, Dr. Carol Phillips, Debra Pascali-Bonaro,  Elizabeth Davis, Gail Tully, Heather Bruce, Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Robin Lim, Dr. Sarah Buckley and Verena Schmid.

I have attended hundreds of births supporting families in their homes, and in every hospital and birth centre in Amsterdam. I have experience with a broad range of birth experiences including: breech babies, waterbirth, premature babies, C-sections, VBAC’s, inductions, medicated and natural birth, single mothers, and supporting families who wish to have older children and other family members present at the birth.

I am Canadian living in Amsterdam. Being bilingual English/Dutch I support international families as well as Dutch families.

In my family life it is important that all the children whether born to me or welcomed into my life have a place.  Proud mother of two amazing adult sons. Sharing a beautiful journey with my long-time friend turned life partner, who has brought immense joy and love as well as two daughters into my life. We are blessed to have the adult children of my former partner be a part of our lives. I am grateful that our family constellation was able to embrace and welcome a teenager girl who’s birth I attended as a doula into our family.  🌈