Birth Doula Standard Package €1795*

  • 2 prenatal meetings (in addition to the initial interview meeting)
  • coming along to 1 appointment with your midwife/doctor
  • unlimited phone and email support
  • on call 24 hours a day for 3 weeks prior and 2 weeks following your estimated due date
  • continuous labour and birth support (regardless of the length of labour)
  • 1 post partum visit
  • discounted rate of €175,00 per appointment (1.5 hour sessions) for any additional prenatal or postnatal appointments.

Birth Doula Comprehensive Package €2040*

In addition to the services offered in the Standard Package:

  • from 37 weeks onwards 3 extra preparations sessions to relax, open and prepare the body and mind for birth (minimum of 3 session, if less than 3 an extra postpartum session is offered).
  • 1 additional post partum appointment for massage, advice and mama pampering.

Last Minute Doula Services €1650

While I always encourage pregnant women to contact me early in pregnancy to ensure my availability, I understand that this is not always possible. This service is only available after the 37th week of pregnancy, and is often not available if I am fully booked.

  • 2 prenatal meeting if possible
  • unlimited phone and email support (from the moment you book my services)
  • on call 24 hours a day from the time of booking until the baby is born.
  • continuous labour and birth support (regardless of the length of labour)
  • 1 post partum visit

*Payment plans are available, and if finances are an issue, please feel free to discuss options with me.

Prenatal and Postnatal Appointments, Breech, Broken Membranes no Contractions, Overdue appointments:

€205 for a 1.5 hour session in your home (for my doula clients these are discounted to €175,00)

Travel Expenses

For clients outside of Amsterdam, or in the case that it is necessary to take a taxi for urgency or night-time travel, I will bill for travel costs. For regular appointments (outside Amsterdam only), I will travel by public transport and I will bill accordingly- as agreed in advance.