Prenatal Massage and Preparation

Pregnancy is a journey to parenthood. During this nine month adventure you will experience a variety of emotional and physical changes. Some will be exciting and exhilarating, and some will perhaps be worrisome, uncomfortable or painful.

I offer prenatal appointments, both for my doula clients, and for women who are looking for one on one support during their pregnancy. These 1.5 hour sessions in your own home are tailored to your needs, and the stage of your pregnancy. They include: tips for common pregnancy complaints, massage, polarity treatments, acupressure, cupping massage, and discussion in preparation for birth.

These sessions can be at any stage of your pregnancy, often women chose for monthly appointments until 37 weeks, and weekly appointments from 37 until the baby is born. From 37 weeks the sessions will also include pelvic opening massage (using moxa and massage to warm and release the lower back and pelvis) acupressure and foot massage to prepare the body for effective labour. From 41.3 weeks overdue treatments are also possible to encourage labour.