What my Clients Say

Marisa Rijpkema

We’ve hired Jennifer twice now and can’t recommend her enough! She is kind, nurturing and had endless patience to manage our needs. Jennifer took expert care of us and we are so grateful that she was a part of our special days. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you won’t be sorry!

Kim Harrington

Jennifer was such a gift to our whole family for the birth of our second child in Amsterdam. Having been through the process once before we felt the need for more support, especially being non native speakers. Jennifer was there for me and us throughout my whole pregnancy and only added to the joy of it all, she was a great support for me, emotionally and physically through the pregnancy and birth not once getting in the way! I can not recommend Jennifer highly enough, you will be in the best hands possible if you choose to go with Jennifer!

Genevieve Creigh

Jennifer was a great Doula – she was my ‘silent angel’ during the birth of my son and I am so glad I chose her. She listened, gave great advice, long after the service I hired her for and I know my birth experience would have been very different without her.

Rachel mother of Fee and Minnie

The birth of Minne was the most beautiful and spiritual moment in my life, you helped me to fully open up to the experience, I wish this beauty of birth for every woman!


Thank you so much once again for all your strength and support during the most important day of my life. You really gave me the confidence, trust and encouragement to help me birth safely and believe in myself and made the whole experience more special.


After having Jennifer attend my second birth, it warms my heart to know that other women will benefit from her wonderful heart and hands supporting and encouraging them through what is arguably one of life’s most intense experiences.


I am so grateful that Jennifer was there to support me during the births of both my children. The first was in the hospital and the second was a home water birth. Both experiences were intensely satisfying and empowering, which I believe had everything to do with Jennifer being there for me, for us, in the months leading up to the births and during the birthing itself.

When contractions started the first time, Jennifer came over quickly and showed me various techniques of dealing with the contractions. At one point she hung the rebozo on the door and had me squat holding on to it. At the same time, she applied pressure to the sides of my hips. I was able to fully relax and get through these very long, intense contractions that came every two minutes for hours and hours. She was there for every contraction. At one point, it seemed like a contraction was not going away and I felt myself starting to panic. Jennifer said something that instantly calmed me down. How did she even know I needed that? By the time we got to the hospital I was fully dilated, but my midwife wasn’t there. The nurse told me not to push, which was confusing. Jennifer told me to listen to my body. Again, she took away uncertainty and allowed me to get back into the moment. By the way, it’s important to know that my husband was also there and he of course had an important role too. But because Jennifer was there, he wasn’t burdened with trying to help me deal with what was happening in my body, something he knows nothing about. Instead he and I could connect on a different level. Because he didn’t have the stress of having to help me, he could actually support me much better and we could focus on each other intensely.

The second birth at home was also a full day experience. This time Jennifer also helped with the logistics of setting up the birthing pool. This being my second birth, I was more relaxed and I think Jennifer was even better this time as she is always schooling herself and getting more and more experience, and this was almost two years later. The contractions were slow and not intense and they didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Jennifer kept infusing us with patience, telling us my daughter would choose when to come. So instead of be impatient, we actually had such a fun, relaxing day. With the pool in our living room, and having Jennifer and my husband supporting me (and later my sister and midwife as well), I felt like I was at a spa being pampered. We went for some walks, ate a delicious lunch and dinner. Meanwhile, Jennifer was there again for every contraction, this time using more accupuncture/pressure than last time. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed and good ever in my life! And then suddenly my daughter was born. What an amazing moment. After the birth, Jennifer helped clean up the house and didn’t leave until I had showered, we were all in bed, and she had taken pictures of the three of us going to sleep. She was there for us on every level possible: physically, spiritually, logistically, emotionally, etc. etc. She even documented the whole day on camera. My midwife said to me later that she doesn’t think Jennifer is human, but that she is actually an angel. When she leaves the house, she doesn’t get on her bike, no she busts out her little angel wings and flies off. I would have to agree with this assessment!

Daniëlle Smaling

Jennifer came straight away to an emergency situation. She stayed calm and calmed everybody else around her. She is an expert in relieving pain, and helping a mother to keep in touch with her baby under difficult circumstances. And she can work well with regular doctors and care takers, and stimulates a mother and father to be to do so as well.